Spectrum Designs Medical

Spectrum Designs Medical is a world wide manufacturer and distributor of medical devices for plastic and reconstructive surgery. As an industry regulated by the USFDA and ISO we had specific challenges when we began to research a solution to our inventory control problems. Lot and serial control as well as complete traceability of all materials used in the manufacture of the product were specific requirements. In 2004 we started down this path with a competing product and after six months of wasted resources we realized this solution would never work. Then we found Invetrak ERP.

We have been using all the features of Invetrak ERP since 2005. Once the software was installed and initial training was completed we have been completely satisfied with the product. Your support has always been timely and professional.

The extensive features of the software are a perfect fit for our business. The Lot and serial number traceability feature allows   instantaneous review of where and when the product shipped as well as all of the components used in the manufacture of the device. What use to take hours to trace can now be done in seconds.

The random access storage capability for raw material and finished goods has allowed us to accurately maximize our storage space while maintaining complete visibility of our inventory.

The labeling and barcode features allow us to track more than a thousand   products   to and from our contract sterilizer. What used to take a day to sort, record and store returned sterilized product can now be accomplished by one person in less than an hour.

Perhaps the greatest improvement has been in Customer Service. Since inventory transactions update in real time,  Customer Service always knows what is available to ship and can process and invoice orders seamlessly with the Quick Books interface.

Thank you for a product that has greatly improved the efficiency of our business.

Jim Dishman
Spectrum Designs Medical