All the features you need!

InveTrak provides everything you need to effectively manage virtually any size stockroom or warehouse. With features like purchasing, receiving, put-away, order fulfillment, and shipment processing you’ll be able to get a grip on your operations. Your sales force can take orders all day long and your production facilities can schedule and manufacture product, but if your warehouse can’t effectively manage inventory and fulfill orders quickly and accurately your business will never be all it can be. InveTrak has been designed and developed by people that have actually managed, and fully understand, warehouses.  The features we offer are not just a bunch of fluff.  We believe in keeping things simple and as result you will find InveTrak quick and easy to deploy within your operations.

Key Features

Manage Multiple Warehouses and/or Stockrooms

Setup and manage any number of stockrooms and/or warehouses. Being we are a hosted solution they can be virtually any place on the planet that has internet access. 

As your business grows, we grow right along with you.  There is no increased cost when you setup additional warehouses.  

Order Fulfillment

InveTrak provides order fulfillment features that enable you to manage all aspects of order processing. You can setup and manage Customers, Enter Orders, Release Orders, Pick Orders, and Ship Orders.  The system also manages partial orders and back orders.  During the entire order fulfillment process you’ll have complete visibility to everything that’s going on.

InveTrak Mobile

InveTrak Mobile offers live RF data collection.  Warehouse operators perform their day to day functions using handheld or wearable devices.  All transactions are validated and collected in real-time.  All of the features needed for day-to-day activity.

Inventory Inquiry
Location Inquiry 
License Plate Inquiry 
Load License Plate 
License Plate Move
Unload License Plate 
Product Move
Order Picking (Directed, Sales Order, License Plate)
Cycle Count
Physical Inventory 

Forward Pick

With InveTrak, setting up and managing a high volume forward pick area within your warehouse or stockroom is a snap.  Just flag the forward pick locations as forward pick and then assign products and their minimum and maximum inventory levels to those locations.  Using InveTrak Mobile and the directed pick feature, your warehouse operators will be directed to the exact locations to pick from.  The system validates the products and quantities scanned for accuracy.  No more miss-picks!  And your orders will be processed in record time.

Inventory Control

InveTrak provides all of the controls and management tools you need to effectively control and manage your inventory.  You’ll have complete and total control over what goes on in your warehouse and will be able to count on inventory being where it’s supposed to be.

Physical Inventory 
Cycle Counting
Forward Pick Replenishment 
Min/Max Inventory and Replenishment 
Inventory Moves 
Inventory Adjustments
Inventory Inquiry and Traceability 
Lot and Serial Control
Lot Expiration
Multiple Units of Measure
Unit of Measure Conversion 
Management Reports

Achieve total control over your inventory and have full visibility over your stockroom and warehouse operations. 


Check inventory balances and place orders in the field, allow your customers to place orders directly, validate inventory accuracy on the warehouse floor using your favorite smart device.  As long as you have access to the internet you can accomplish all of the above, and much more, from virtually anywhere on the planet.  This is because InveTrak is cloud based and operates in the most common browsers.  It doesn’t matter whether you are using a Mac, PC, and Android or IOS tablets.  You are free to work on any platform from virtually anywhere you want.